Getting Super!

We have been beavering away behind the scenes at Tappit Hoose HQ to put a new booking system in place, via SuperControl we're very excited because it means that we will soon be able to accept card payments and direct online payments.

Please bear with us as we're not quite there yet and as with any new system in place we hope it will work seemlesly with no glitches!

We recognise the need to be able to book your self catering holiday at a time that suits you and not to have to wait until we get back to you. I was worried that it would take away some of the human contact and interaction with our guests. We pride ourselves in our fantastic customer service and getting to know what our guests need through our communications with them. We are going to make it a priority to keep the human element alive whilst still giving you the convenience you need. So you will be able to book and pay by card at 3am if you so wish and also still get in touch to ask for recommendations of the best place to go rock pooling (Roome bay beach by the way)

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