Digital Detox

So we all know how important it is to be connected, with more of us than ever working remotely and expecting to be able to log in wherever we are. We have had a wifi connected holiday house for a while as we recognised how important it was for people to be able to keep in touch with work, perhaps that could even buy them a couple of extra days "working from home" or just to keep the teenagers happy, but at what cost? Maybe it's time to schedule some swithched off time? To be honest Crail doesn't have the best mobile phone signal in the world but with wifi you can use wifi calls and there is no problem. What we are going to offer, (only to those who want it!!) is a digital detox holiday . Come and enjoy the fresh air, read a book, watch nature, take a step back from it all to properly recharge and unplug. Picure yourself in front of the wood burning stove at Neuk Hoose, relaxing after a walk along a stunning beach, cup of coffee or dram of whisky, at peace. If it all gets too much I can always tell you where I've hidden the router!

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